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What I’m Loving Lately. Round 2.

Hello friends!!! 

I’d like to share some things I’ve been loving lately. If you’ve wondered why I have been MIA, this might give you some insight :) 

Yoga Teacher Training 


I am in my first 200 Yoga Teacher Training program at a lovely studio in Culver City, CA called Goda Yoga. I could not be happier to be a part of this program and am finding it to be transformative both physically and emotionally. 

Ted’s enjoying it too…


Iced Yerba Mate 


I bought one of these randomly at Rite Aid one day when I needed some energy before work. I never thought I’d be so into it! I find that every time I drink one I feel energetic, happy and never wired. Worth the 9 grams of sugar in my opinion. 

It also comes in a nice glass bottle which I keep to later use for smoothies or coffee on the go. 

Tracking my steps

I used to track my steps with a cheap pedometer when I lived in Boston, and when my boyfriend gave me a FitBit for Christmas I got back into it. I have to say that this has been revolutionary for my fitness philosophy. 

An “active” person walks 10,000 steps a day. You could spend a sweaty hour at the gym 7 days a week and still be considered sedentary! I guarantee that relying solely on this 1 hour in the gym will make your heath and fitness goals that much harder to achieve. Think about the gym or yoga studio as a place to improve your movement, and then continue to be active throughout the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to -and shouldn’t be- overly vigorous. Just walk more and you’ll be healthier and fitter. 

Get yourself some sort of pedometer and see how many steps you take naturally the first day you use it. Then try to add 500 steps the next day. Work your way up to 10,000 or more and see what a difference this makes! 

Raw Chocolate Granola 


If you’re anything like me the word “granola” sends you running for the hills. It’s impossible to digest. Not this stuff. It is delicious, satisfying and easy on the tummy. 

Arnica Gel for Sore Muscles 


Proven to be magical for both me and my clients. Slather some on the sore areas after a hot bath of Epsom Salts and Mustard Bath. Do it now and thank me later!

This Sutra 

This comes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a text I, and most yoga students, am reading.

"When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite (positive) ones should be thought of. This is pratipaksha bhavana".
Here Patanjali has given us a very practical way to start changing the way we think. 
Next time you have a negative thought try replacing it with a positive one. You can do this by simply thinking the positive thought, even if it isn’t true, or by distracting yourself with something you love. If your friend is annoying you, tell yourself the things you appreciate about them. Or if you are feeling angry about something, cuddle one of your pets. 
Practice Pratipaksha Bhavana for a day and notice how you feel. 
All my best! XOXO

Workin’ it all out

Holaaaaa! Hope you had a nice weekend! 

I spent the early part of the weekend nursing a bit of a cold and quickly transitioned straight into some Saturday shananagans. Today started early with my lovely client and then a much needed workout that consisted of: 

-Foam Rolling the Calves, Quads, TFL, Adductors and Lats. (a MUST for me)

-A little bit of Core and Balance training involving planks and single leg squats

-Finally, a fun little circuit my coworker and I chose on the spot: 

  • 12 Deadlifts 
  • 12 Static Single Leg Deadlift w/ Rows (6 rows/side)
  • 20 Split Squats (alternating legs)
  • Repeat 2-4 more times!

That’s 60 deadlifts for me today :) 

I realize that despite being a personal trainer I never post my workouts. It feels great to share this part of my life with you as it is something that I love and I strongly believe in. The reason I don’t regularly share, however, is because I feel uncomfortable not knowing who said workouts are going to reach. If something works for me at any given time it is because of my current mobility, stability, static/dynamic posture, sleep, stress level, hydration, etc. Since we live in a world that tends to work against all these things, it is common for us to merely FEED our imbalances when working out causing injuries and poor results. 

Exercise should make us feel amazing. It should make everything in our lives outside the gym easier. It is THAT powerful but ONLY when we have the proper program. I didn’t learn this until I started to learn more about training. 

A good personal trainer is not only there for support and motivation but to make educated decisions that you, for whatever reason it being emotional, intellectual or both, cannot make for yourself. For this reason I have not yet felt comfortable posting workouts all the time because I couldn’t let go of the idea that it is impossible for me to post a workout that is good for EVERYONE.

Before I got into the field I used to love reading about other bloggers’ workouts and using them as inspiration for my own. A major reason I originally chose to become a certified pt, in fact, was to back up the information I post on this blog and to provide fun and effective workouts. I am now realizing that while I wasn’t always getting the best information it was the beginning of my learning process and kept me excited about going to the gym (I can be very lazy). 

With that in mind I feel compelled to post more workouts with the hope that my readers can be mindful and always honor their bodies when trying new things. (And always check with a doctor before making any fitness changes).

**End rant :)

On the agenda for tonight is a little Dry Brushing (so good for the skin as it improves circulation and is detoxifying), a hot bath, a cold shower, some tea and some reading.


PS I HIGHLY recommend the New Rules of Lifting books if you’d like to learn more about training on your own.

Pumpkin Pie Rolled Oats

Good morning! It’s 5:45am and I’m feeeeeeelin’ good!

I happened to wake up super early this morning and although I didn’t have to be up for a few more hours I decided just to go with it and get some work done before sun rise. 

And by work I mean…

Coffee drinking (today called for hot coffee so I made some Healthy Bean Coffee in a french press and drank it out of my Friends mug) 


(I never said I was cool)

Photo shoot with the kit kat


(Ted could hardly sit still with excitement over my being up so early)

Slow cooker oatmeal prep - today I threw in a simple mixture of rolled oats/almond milk/cinnamon/stevia/raisins. A few days ago, however I created this lovely concoction that was healthy AND tasted like pumpkin pie, no less. 

Pumpkin Pie Rolled Oats (makes 4 servings):

  • 1 C Gluten Free Rolled Oats (it is important to make sure they are certified GF if you are allergic/intolerant to gluten)
  • 1 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1/4 C Canned Organic Pumpkin 
  • 1 Apple, diced 
  • 1/4 C Raisins 
  • 1 t Vanilla Extract
  • Cinnamon/Pumpkin Spice/Powdered Stevia to taste 
  • **throw all ingredients in a crockpot on low for up to 6hrs or cook oatmeal on stove as directed and throw in additional ingredients towards the end.

This is a lovely recipe to make in bulk at the beginning of the week and heat up for breakfast/a mid morning snack. 


I get excited this time of year when Trader Joe’s starts coming out with their $1.99 cans of organic pumpkin. It is so incredibly convenient and useful. 


Pumpkin has many health benefits and is known to be: 

  • A great source of fiber
  • High in potassium -> great after a heavy workout 
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • High in the antioxidant beta carotene, which is good for the immune system, protection against free radicals, lowers the risk of cancer/heart disease and is wonderful for the skin.

A few more recipes for all my current and future pumpkin heads out there:

-Paleo Pumpkin Bread

-Pumpkin Carrot Soup

-Throw it in a smoothie! You betta believe I will be. 

The sun is rising and so I’m off for a run. Oatmeal has been cooking for almost 3 hrs now, the whole house smells like cinnamon buns and life is good!! Have a wonderful day. Xoxo.  

Slow Cooking & A Morning Mocha

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a lovely week and a wonderful weekend!

About a week ago I welcomed an exciting new addition to my kitchen. 


The crock pot! 

Despite being an absolute kitchen appliance JUNKIE I surprisingly never felt the need for a slow cooker until I started spending more time at work. I found that my routine of preparing smoothies, oatmeal and lunch salads in advance was working for me and yet something was missing. I would eat well all day because I looked forward to my meals and would then arrive home for dinner feeling unmotivated, uninspired. Enter: weird meals and lots of snacking! I’m sure one can relate. 

Finally the stars aligned and I had an epiphany - there was a crock pot sized hole in my heart and it was time to fill that void. 

After picking up an original 3.5 quart Crock Pot I spent the week experimenting with how utterly lazy I could be and still have a good outcome. The whole reason we buy a slow cooker is for the convenience, after all.

I successfully made (on a few occasions):

  • Chicken and vegetables (delicious fall apart chicken with a mixture of every fresh and frozen veg I had in my kitchen basically)

I unsuccessfully made:

  • Frozen mahi mahi with coconut oil & cajun seasoning (it overcooked and generally weirded me out) 
  • "Lemon Berry Muffin Steel Cut Oats": This one was a bummer as I expected a masterpiece and ended up with average oats topped with a cement colored crust. 

Currently I’m brewing a pot full of of lentils, sweet potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, celery, peas, broth, seasoning, tamari & black pepper and hope to use this as a protein topping for this week’s lunch salads. Fingers are crossed!! 

I look forward to experimenting more with my crock pot (I know, I might as well get a room with the freaking crock pot), and will surely post more successful recipes. For now, however, the slow cooker talk ends **HERE**. 

I’ll leave you with this delicious smoothie recipe that I’ve been loving lately. 

Morning Mocha Monsta (<- said in a Mass accent) 


  • 1/4 C Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • 1/2 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1/2 C Water
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Sunwarrior.
  • 1 Sm Banana
  • Sm Handful of Cacao Nibs
  • As much Baby Spinach as your little heart desires 

This one will have you buzzing off to work, or whatever it is you do with your time. 

Enjoy your evening! Xoxo

What I’m Lovin’ Lately

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday!

I thought I’d share some things that I’m enjoying lately. 

Naturally most of the following will be food items but I have to mention that I am on a beach kick and loving it. 


It gets very hot here in the fall which I tend to find unsettling having spent most of my life in New England. I’m fond of the switch that happens almost suddenly from August to September in Massachusetts. The air becomes cool and crisp, school starts up again and we all feel the need to get our act together.

Every fall I struggle a little bit with the LA weather and how it affects the Summer to Autumn transition. It is probably at this time that I come closest to feeling homesick. Sometimes when living in a new city, however, we have to accept that it will not always compare to where we came from. Familiarity does breed contempt.

I long for a chilly nighttime walk down Comm Ave. but I am extremely appreciative for the absolutely flawless beach weather this heat provides us. It is hot and sunny from morning to sunset when it becomes cool and tranquil. I am loving morning runs by the water and relaxing on the sand as the sun goes down. 

On to the food talk! Here’s what I’m into: 

Pumpkin Seed Butter


{I order this brand on Amazon}

Warning: it is green. But it has a lovely, peanut buttery taste. Pumpkin seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals and happen to be ALKALINE forming, unlike other seeds. This is also a great option for those with peanut allergies as pumpkin seed allergies tend to be very rare.  

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 


Cold brew coffee is made by soaking the beans in cold water for 12+ hours. As a result you get a wonderful taste and less acidity as the heating process is what normally makes coffee so acidic.

Not only is this coffee extremely easy to prepare but it also makes me feel amazing. I usually pour some into a cup, add a dab of unsweetened almond milk/stevia/cinnamon and top it off with water and an ice cube. 

Green Packets

Mmmmmm I love this green superfood from Amazing Grass.


These are especially great if you haven’t been eating enough veggies or if you’d simply like to round out a smoothie with some extra green. They contain all sorts of ingredients from spirulina to rose hips. They come in a few flavors but I naturally prefer the chocolate. 

If you want to get crazy you could mix it in a blender bottle with some protein powder and (!!!!!!!) iced coffee! It’s like a weird little green latte and I find it delicious. 

Quinoa Chocolate 

PICTURE NOT FOUND <-because I ate it

The company is called Alter Eco and they make this delicious Dark Nutty Toasted Quinoa bar. It is to DIE for, much like a healthy Crunch bar, and boasts a list of simple ingredients. None of that soy lecithin crap!

Paleo Bread 



This bread would be VERY simple to make using a recipe from Elana’s PantryWhat is easier, however, than buying it pre-made? It is just convenient and well done. I highly approve of the ingredient list as most grain containing breads contain sugar. I have also find that the regular gluten free breads suck me of all my energy and just don’t make me feel very well. 

I originally found this at Erewhon but recently noticed it at Whole Foods. It has been really nice for an evening or afternoon snack with some pumpkinseed butter and jelly. 

Cultured Salsa 

Cultured veggies are packed with probiotics which help promote digestive health and therefore increase energy levels and overall beauty and vibrance. 


Again, we can easily and cheaply culture our own veggies. I love Kimberly Snyder’s Raw Sauerkraut recipe. This salsa, however, has been very useful to me. I use it as a dip for crudités, as a salad dressing for my lunch, and as a topping for fish or chicken. It is sooo yummy and just spicy enough.  

…and finally, I’m loving this song!! 

I suggest ignoring the video unless you’re into it/her. 

Lorde / Tennis Court from joel kefali on Vimeo.

Wishing you a wonderful week!! 

Follow your Bliss, Face your Fears, Prep your Meals!

Well hellooooooooo!! 

About a month ago I started a new personal training job and have been very busy. 

It has been a while since I’ve worked full time and I have struggled with it a bit as I tend to be very protective over my time. 

I feel, however, that it is important for us to do things that make us uncomfortable. When it comes to career and creative endeavors I believe that if it scares you, DO IT. While the full time work commitment scares me I know that it is adding some much needed structure to my life, forcing me to become more organized. 

Not only that but I am working closely with some wonderful people in order to  help them get healthy, move better, eat better and feel happier! I can’t tell you how much I am learning from them. 

Amidst all of this, of course, I have to keep myself healthy. Not only does it keep me grounded and energetic, but it helps me to continue feeling inspired by healthy living and therefore better able to connect with my clients. This calls for some extra time spent prepping meals, planning workouts and getting enough sleep. 

I thought I’d dedicate this post to my recent work eats, all of which I prepare ahead of time :) 


I love to start my day with a green smoothie 


Basic Green Smoothie:

  • 6 Cups Raw Spinach or Kale
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Fruit (Ex. Blueberries, Rasberries, Mango)
  • 1 Scoop Sun Warrior Protein Powder (only on days I won’t eat anything else for a while)
  • Optional Add Ons (Adds On?): 1T Raw Cacao Powder, Maca Powder, Green Powder)

I try to finish it before training my first client which, more often than not, results in this:


…Drinking and driving…

An hour or so later, or whenever I get a chance between clients I’ll have some oatmeal or Qia cereal (AMAZING new discovery!!), which I’ve also prepared the night before. 


 Simple Mid Morning Oats:

  • 1/2 Cup Gluten Free Oats
  • 1/2 Cup Boiling Water
  • Stevia, Cinnamon 
  • Optional: Light sprinkling of chia and hemp seeds, raisons 


{Qia is a raw cereal made from chia seeds, dried fruit and buckwheat groats which are basically oats in their purest form. All you need is 2 tablespoons and it expands when mixed with water or nut milk. So good and so satisfying!}

This tends to hit the spot and hold me over until lunch, which is usually around noon or 1. I try to include a lot of veggies in my lunch and avoid any animal protein (I just find the lighter my lunch the more energy I have). 

Lately I’ve been enjoying cooked broccoli and sweet potatoes (boiled for about 5 minutes).


I then add some sea salt, pepper and some kind of protein, usually in the form of a veggie burger.


{another recent favorite. oh man, these veggie burgers are crispy, delicious and pack an amazing list of ingredients!}


While my hours are not crazy **thank heavens** I do tend to have longer days with several breaks in between. I live close by enough that I can pop home if there’s time but I like to try and stick around the gym so I can workout, do some work and, of course, have a little snackaroo. In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a big eater so this passes the time quite nicely ;)

Here are my recent snacky favorites! 


{raw veggies and salsa}


{amazzzzzing raw flax crackers on their own or with hummus}


{dark chocolate roasted almonds-a serious treat that needs to be portion controlled OR ELSE}

That’s all for now, but I will be back VERY soon!

Spartan Race Recap

Hellooo! It has been a few weeks since I completed the Super Spartan race and I am excited to share pictures and what I learned from the experience. 

First of all I’d like to admit that I was not particularly excited to do this race. I’ve mentioned my past issues with athletic competition, and while I felt I was in good enough shape to complete the race the idea of it made me very nervous. 

The closer we got to the big day I got increasingly anxious until all I wanted was  to get the damn thing over with. 

It turns out my nerves probably helped me a little bit because the second we took off I needed to move to get out all my pent up energy and I basically didn’t stop. I quickly went from freaking out to absolutely loving the race. I surprised myself in how well I did and I’m grateful for having known what I did in order to be prepared. 


{Thank you to JC for the pictures :) }

I’d say that upon signing up for the race our outfits were the very first thing we started planning. 

Race Attire (aside from the hair style, matching socks and other unnecessary things I had a TON of fun coordinating): 

  • Camelbak 
  • Elbow Pads
  • Good shoes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Comfortable clothing, preferably not cotton (especially in cold weather) 
  • A bag (which I checked) with a change of clothes, flip flops, trash bag and sunscreen 
  • Black under eye stickers (I’m not sure if they helped much and I have no business trying to look badass in them) 


I also packed my suitcase with several preparatory items without which my performance would have seriously suffered. 

Race Supplies: 

  • Coconut Water - before & after race
  • Real Sea Salt & Emergen-C - before & after race
  • GF Protein Bars - morning of & after race
  • GF Oatmeal - morning of race 
  • Glucose Gels - during race
  • Epsom Salts & other indulgent bath products - after race 


Here are some other ways I prepared for the race, aside from training adequately for a few months. 

Carb Loading: 

You can read a good explanation of it here.

I realize this is a somewhat controversial subject as some people think it’s boohaki (<- term stolen from Friends). I, however, found it extremely helpful although I did set some boundaries. When we think of carbs we tend to think of grains first and most of the carb loading I had witnessed other people do involved a TON of grains. Like cups and cups of brown rice or, like, one thousand pieces of toast. This made me nervous because I generally limit grains and I’m certainly not alone when I say I feel a million times better when I’m not eating much of them (a little brown rice or quinoa here and there is fine). 


So after doing some research on paleo carb loading I decided to attempt it using mostly root veggies and fruit, along with a ton of greens and the other veg I try to eat daily. That way I could throw in some brown rice if I had to, but not a disgusting amount. This, in my opinion is a very healthy way to carb load.


Learning from my mistake: I did not completely stick to my plan. I did, admittedly use the big carb days as an excuse to pig out and due to time restraints/poor planning I ate a lot of gluten free bread and bagels. While it’s not a big deal I didn’t feel very well, nor did any of my friends. We all basically felt like sad blobs, complaining constantly of all the chocolate, etc we were stuffing in our faces. You live & you learn, but this is far from what my healthy lifestyle philosophy is all about. :)  


Electrolyte Loading: 

I am unsure of the details of electrolyte loading, per se, I simply just tried to get in plenty of electrolytes (from healthy sources) a day or two prior to the race. My two sources were:

-Coconut Water

-Electrolyte Elixer: 

  • 1/2 tsp pink sea salt (it is important to use real sea salt rather than white table salt, which no longer contains valuable trace elements)
  • 1 packet Emergen-C
  • 16oz water


{I prepared this on the plane and drank the whole bottle during the flight. This was important to me as flying is incredibly dehydrating as it is}

SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

I spent about an hour the night before the race doing SMR. I loved using Triggerpoint Performance Therapy but you could also use a foam roller.

Glucose Gels During the Race:


I used GU Roctane Ultra Endurance gels. 

I brought a few in my camelbak and ate one containing 35mg caffeine in the hour before the race and an additional caffeine free one every hour during the race. 

Boy did these save my life! I would never do a longer race without them.








Once we were through with the race (it took our group between 2hrs 15mins and 3.5hrs to finish), I focused on having lots of water, some coconut water and, of course, food. 

We had a quick lunch in the hotel (which I needed but hardly enjoyed since I had started crashing at that point), and retreated back to our rooms to refresh for a few hours. 

This is when my bathing extravaganza began.


It took me FOREVER to get all of the knots out of my hair and when I was finally done showering I hopped straight into a bath of Epsom Salts (the whole carton) and a Lush Bath Bomb.


I sat in the bath for a while, sipping water constantly, and finally started feeling normal again. I was please to hear that I had inspired some of my friends to do the same and I think it played a huge part in bringing our bodies back to life after the race. 

…Which we needed because we proceded to get dressed up and go out that night. Something I only suggest if you are somewhere like Vegas and can’t resist ;) 

*I absolutely plan on doing another Spartan Race. The confidence it gave me was unreal and unexpected. Finally, I need to thank Katniss whom I channeled the whole time ;)

GF Mushroom Pasta & Photo Overload

Hello from Massachusetts! 


…Where its cold & rainy one day and hot & sunny the next! 

My last 2.5 weeks have consisted of: 

  • Vegas Super Spartan Race: pictures and updates to come (it was a blast) 


  • Finishing up school: final exam, etc 


{Celebrating with Bloody Marys, naturally) 

  • New job preparations 
  • Booking an impromptu ticket home to Boston 


(^ not to be cliche or anything)




It is wonderful to be here and I must admit I seem to be in full on vacation mode…


{Please excuse the grainy photo and irritating smirk}

This getaway will sadly be short lived (I go back to LA on Saturday), so I am enjoying it while it lasts :)

While I live in Southern California where local produce is widely available and brimming with different options I am always impressed by the farmer’s market here in Newburyport, MA.


My mother goes every Sunday and leaves with her bags bursting with beautiful greens and other vegetables, flowers, eggs and sometimes meats. 

This Sunday we both picked up bags made by a woman who collects old boat sails and uses every inch of them to create lovely, one of a kind totes.


{Recycled and very high quality}


We also got some Bear’s Head Mushrooms from the mushroom stand :)


{The bear’s head mushrooms are on the far right. They are delicious and wonderful when grated}

…Which leads my to this quick little recipe Tom whipped up for us. It is lovely, simple, and seemingly easy to make :)

GF Mushroom Pasta


  • Gluten Free Pasta- Cooked 
  • Mushrooms (we used bear’s head…you could totally try another kind) - Grated 
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic - crushed (optional: toast in a pan)
  • Parsley
  • Parmesan Cheese

All you do is cook the pasta and add in the other ingredients raw & to taste. I love it because it gives you the satisfaction of a cooked meal while including some very healing ingredients in their most natural form. 


According to Dr. Fuhrman  (whose books I love, by the way) eating raw mushrooms regularly is an incredible way to protect the body from cancer, inflammation and for strengthening the immune system in general. Eat up!

While I’m so sad to be leaving the East Coast I have many things to look forward to back in LA, one being…


This guy. <3

PS- I might as well address the elephant in the room: the pictures in this post are all icky because I left my good camera back in la! I do apologize ;)