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Yoga Fix

I have been doing yoga my whole life. When I was little my mom would take me to mother- daughter classes :) 

I am a strong believer in the mind/body connection. Everyday I try to nourish each. When life takes over and it becomes a challenge to stay balanced, THIS is when yoga helps me the most. 

*They say that shorter daily yoga practice is more beneficial than a longer practice every once in a while

SO Here are 2 great ways to get your yoga fix without compromising your busy schedule:

1. Yoga Journal: This is a great site with tons of yoga routines you can stream for free. 

I highly recommend Jason Crandell’s: 

Morning Sequence 

Energizing Sequence (great for post lunch sleepies or if you’re working long hours and need a boost)

Evening Sequence (turn that brain off!)

*If you do each of these throughout the day you will have done an hour of yoga* 

2. Tara Stiles! 

I love her book, Slim, Calm Sexy Yoga, which explains many poses and has tons of routines for different purposes (ex. healthy skin, memory, toning, depression, etc). You can customize the length and benefits of your practice by combining different sequences.

It is also GREAT for yoga on the go! I like bringing it to the park or the beach. 

Whatever the circumstances, we must make an effort to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally :) 

Many more tips to come. Hope these help! 

P.S. I kind of want this Calender 


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