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Vodka Wajitos

This past weekend we had a BBQ at my boyfriend’s place.

There was SO MUCH amazing food. 

(Grilled veggies and pineapple)

(Tilapia for fish tacos)

Wonderful people.

And of course, DRINKS!

I wanted to create a light, refreshing summery drink. Excessive sweetness NOT acceptable. 

These were tasty and fresh. 1 watermelon gave me about 4 pitchers of drinks.

Everything was eyeballed, but here’s what I did each time:

  • Chop Watermelon into small chunks (especially if not using a Vitamix) and fill blender to the top
  • Add in a few cups of Club Soda, just enough to help effectively puree Watermelon
  • Blend until pureed 
  • Pour mixture into a pitcher 
  • Using a knife or better yet, mortar and pestle, coarsley chop a few Mint Leaves and throw into pitcher 
  • This is where the taste testing begins: add in desired amount of Vodka (I think I used a few cups per pitcher)
  • Finish off with more Club Soda and 1 or 2 limes 

It is clearly very simple. All you need is the ingredients and a blender and the rest is totally up to your taste buds! I am often amongst those who enjoy a stiff drink and I found that this mixture really lends itself to a lot of alcohol without tasting too strong. :)

My one regret is not having found an organic watermelon, as the taste would have been divine.

Life goes on. :)

This week I hope to work on a grain and sugar free vegan cheesecake. One that hopefully tastes better than it sounds!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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