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Apriums and Jujubes

Yesterday I did very well at the Culver City Farmer’s Market. 

Very well indeed.

(My phone’s been taking awful, grainy pictures lately. Time to man up and use the digital camera)

I picked up:

  • Kale
  • Arugula 
  • Amazing “heirloom” spinach that I get every week
  • Strawberries
  • Basil
  • Italian Parsley 
  • Peaches
  • Apriums
  • Beautiful organic, sun dried fruits: raisins, nectarines, apricots and jujubees!

New to me are the apriums and dried jujubees. 

An aprium is the product of the promiscuous apricot rebelling against her kind and mating with the small dark and handsome plum.

Yum! (The lady IS a tramp)

Apparently I have been living under a rock because I had no idea how incredibly healing jujube fruit is. Not until I was given this handout:

(First line: “Jujubes could save your life”) ;)

They taste kind of like raisins - or dates but less sugary.

It seems that many cultures have used different parts of the jujube fruit  for hundreds of years for anything from immune support to depression to a soothing eye wash. Overall they are very good for the body! I look forward to munching on them and experimenting with different “recipes”, one being jujube tea! 

As I’ve said before, I love making impulse purchases at the Farmer’s Market. I feel good about supporting local farms and it inspires me to try new fruits & veggies!

I just need SOMEONE to help me carry it all…


"Grain and Sugar Free Vegan Cheesecake" recipe coming soon. Honestly, I ate too many cookies the other night and the thought of taste testing cheesecake makes me nauseous at the moment. 

Until next time! xoxo 

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