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Big Week Ahead

Hello, hello. Hope you had a lovely weekend. It was hot here in l.a. and brutal on the east coast, or so I hear. 

Some pictures from the day:

{Pomegranate lemonade green tea-will post recipe soon}

{A big ole’ salad by the pool. Kale, red lettuce, avocado, lemon juice, lentils, scallions, radishes and hemp seeds.}

^ When I was taking this picture my friend gave me a funny look and said, “nice salad”. Whatevaaaa (said in a mass accent)!

I spent nearly the entire weekend in true hermit form; working on music, resumes, website, blog, etc. (Some movie watching may have also snuck its way in). By the time I woke up this morning I was somewhat ready to face the world. I headed quickly out the door for a 40 minute run and returned home to complete some self guided sun salutations. (I still find it very hard to commit to a yoga routine if someone else is not guiding me)!

I must say it is a great feeling to realize that exercise has actually become a hobby for me. While I have always been somewhat physically…lets say…in touch with my body (I used to dance, have always liked yoga, am not clumsy), I was never athletic. The only sports I ever played were cross country running and cross country skiing, both of which I took against my will because my high school required we play at least 1 competitive sport every year. I will never forget coming in last at every single race, both running and skiing. There was in fact one cross country skiing race in which I came in so late that the other teams had already left and the finish line was being taken down as I came through it. I used to literally become physically sick with worry before our weekly 5k running races. 

My pathetic athletic history is a true testament to the power our minds have over our bodies. Running is now therapeutic for me when it once felt like the bane of my existence. A 5k is a cinch! Exercise makes me feel confident and productive rather than lazy and awkward. I now understand why athletics were so important to many of my friends. 

Food, exercise and health are interests that, in a sense, we all share. Despite our circumstances, interests, careers, schedules, etc, sooner or later most of us -hopefully- realize that our well being is important to us. This is why, although film scoring will remain a priority, passion and career, I am starting holistic nutrition school tomorrow. I made the decision to enroll simply because I love learning about the subject of nutrition and because I want to further my ability to inspire others to be healthy.  

I am so looking forward to sharing what I learn in school on this blog and to continue striving to serve as an example. Leading a healthy life can be so very fun!

Have a wonderful night! I’ll be back soon with updates, recipes, etc. <3